700% Increase in Sales for Travel Startup

*We believe that the synergy effect of all marketing channels, including proper creatives (imagery, photos and videos), working like clockwork made this possible allowing client to greatly scale his business during the booking season. And we also believe that these results aren't miraculous and extraordinary, given the fact that there was no proper and systematic approach to marketing. Would there be one, we'd have expected lesser results than below.

Tribe Travel is a perspective and promising travel startup from London, UK - https://startups.co.uk/thestartupseries/150000-later-after-start-up-series-tribe/. They have been successfully sending people on unforgettable & vivid trips to popular resorts (especially among younger audience) like Ibiza, Zakynthos, Mykonos, Marbella, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Lisbon, Cape Town, Mallorca.

Before working with Goldfeld & Stern they were managing some of the marketing internally, but the founders decided to focus more on the product and were looking for a reliable marketing partner that would help them take business to the next level.

Here's how we helped them:

We've started working in January 2017 and had to temporarily put a hold in June as the client was fully booked.For this period Tribe Travel observed 479.51% increase in ecommerce conversion rate, 597% increase in transactions, and 777.26% increase in revenue.