328% Increase In Gross Revenue for a Golf E-Learning Platform

We attribute a great deal of this success to creative remarketing strategies which we applied (the client didn't really re-engage his past visitors before or ran basic retargeting campaigns not taking ROI/sales data into consideration much), as well as fixed/more accurate conversion tracking and Google Analytics setup.

We can't disclose client's website and name due to contractual obligations. But it is a well-known e-learning company (among its target audience) which teaches golf players of any skill or age to play golf in a more efficient way. They partner up with a lot of PGA teaching pros and have a versatile platform in place to distribute content and lessons to their customers.

They mainly tasked us with improving their Google Ads performance, since they were not satisfied with previous' agency results, and wanted to see if this channel could still be worth their marketing budget.

We helped them take their Google Ads game to the next level by:

From January 2019 to November 2019, there was a 500% increase in sales count compared to a corresponding period previous year, 328% increase in gross revenue, 2.75% increase in average order value.